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at Natural Health Ministries

We are pleased to present our new Website! This website includes all our Services and their benefits, it includes information about our products, as well as information about us. We hope you enjoy our new site. Office

We are a Christian based business with a sincere passion to help the public. Our intention is not to preach, but to educate the public to healthier alternatives in order to improve health and lives. We offer products and services to do just that.

The name, Natural Health Ministries, originated from Elaine Weitz the Pastor of New Covenant Church.  Pastor Elaine was first lead into electrolysis work, then herbalist, and then became a Homeopathic Practioner.

Pastor Elaine through the leading of the Lord encouraged Kathleen to study Massage Therapy and Mary to study Colon Therapy.   Natural Health Ministries came about in the year of July 2000.

We are your total health care.........naturally. All under one umbrella.